Is that how you’re supposed to start a blog post? I’m not sure…
Anyway, my name is Charlotte, and those beauties in the above photo (though I appreciate you can’t see it unless you’re on a laptop.. Sorry!) are some of the horses on our yard. Puzzle, she is my friend Mia’s 18 year old Welsh X mare, who is currently recovering from a tendon injury and staying in very good spirits. I think she is enjoying it secretly, she has her own personal orchard to graze in, comes in first every night, and doesn’t have to be ridden. Honestly I can’t wait for Mia to get back in the saddle for the first time. I might just make myself £250.
The two in the middle, Freddie and Chesney, are mine and my nieces. Freddie is an overgrown puppy on the ground, and a bit loopy under saddle, Chesney is the pony that everybody needs, he’s an absolute darling, if a little lazy, the best kind of been there, done that and got the t-shirt kind of pony, and the show cob on the end is Riley, my cousins. Riley has since moved to a lovely yard closer to my cousin’s house, but is as lovely as ever. He’s nicknamed the ‘Super Cob’ as he is a showing superstar, competing in just about everything until he injured his leg, leaving him unable to jump competitively any more. Now, he does showing and along with Lauren (his rider) does supremely well.

We have seven horses with us on our lovely little yard, and my bestie (Puzzle’s owner) can do an ace Snow White impression, as well as it being her favourite Disney movie, hence the name of this post.

Not featured is Apple. Now Apple is a different kettle of fish entirely. She is tiny, 12hh and quite dainty, as pretty as a picture. However, she has something that regularly afflicts ponies 13hh and under. Its called, Small-Pony-Syndrome. She squeals at new horses she meets until they agree that she should get her own way, struts round the field like she’s the Queen of Sheba and has now worked out she can in fact fit underneath the bar over her doorway, but only does so the second you turn your back, taking herself off for a merry trot down the yard, refusing to come back until you convince her it’s a good idea with a filled bucket. (It’s no use grabbing an empty bucket either… S h  e  k n o w s.) She stands on the other side of the fence along the yard whilst tied up, and is absolutely fine whilst you’re giving her all the attention, but the moment you leave her unattended or go to do something else she lifts front hoof delicately, and places it on the fence rail as if this is a way to protest her abandonment. Despite all this, she is cute as hell and makes life down there even more entertaining.

Yesterday (Sunday 24th April) was the first show of the season. I spent Saturday trying to convince Apple that the HorzeHoods hood wasn’t in fact edible, as well as trying (and failing) to pull Chesney’s mane. He’s decided he hates it now, and bobbed his head round
spraying me with haylage in the process. Horses, don’t you just love em?
Anywho, Sunday was Apple’s first outdoor show, and she behaved impeccably well. She did me proud did the little lass, strutting her stuff, standing square and wooing the judge with her fluffy little fringe to win her first class, come fourth in the second and go on to win the In-Hand championship. I felt like a proud mother, my little pony all grown up with a sash and everything. Chesney placed 5th with my niece Libby in their class, though he was far more concerned with seeing how much grass he could stuff in his mouth outside the ring. Tut tut Ginge.

I think my favourite part of the whole day was Mia standing in for Lauren in one of the In-Hand classes once she’d done her show (as her ridden class clashed with it) and proceeding stand in the lineup, walk around with the rest of us in the class and was pulled in first.

Well, I think that’s enough for this time.

Blog chesney hood

A naffed off Chesney wearing his lovely purple hood, after Apple tried to consume it.

blog apple

Lovely Apple, after the Championships.      (ALL GROWN UP!!!)

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