What doesn’t kill you

jumping freddie

Finally, it feels like some kind of spring has sprung. The pouring rain finally subsided to a virtual heat-wave. Crack open the BBQ’s my fellow Brits, we’re in for a hot weekend!

Recently with all the extra work I’ve had on (Running the yard for a few weeks whilst mums been very poorly with a chest infection, college assignments, bringing Chesney slowly into work ect ect) poor old Freddie hasn’t been getting the attention he deserves, and so was becoming a difficult handful to ride, to the point where he had a good old skip and bounce and buck every few strides and I was struggling to hold him in a dutch gag.
So I considered the difficult option of putting him on loan for a while, to somebody who could work him more often and give him a proper job to do as I was struggling time wise to give him enough work.

So I advertised him, and awaited response, slightly dreading it and hoping nobody would come back to me.
Has anybody else had the problem of people being seemingly unable to read? I stated everything in the advert, how he can be quirky and isn’t an easy ride and isn’t for novices ect ect and what do I get? A medley of people who either haven’t ridden for years, want something 110% bombproof and a perfect all-rounder (which he will be, just hasn’t done much over winter) and even one person who wanted to move him 3 and a half hours away, despite me saying I want him to stay local.

Long story short, I didn’t want to give up on what is a very very special little horse. I’ve been making time every day to ride him, and something seems to have just clicked. Maybe it’s because he heard my threats to put him on loan if he didn’t stop bucking… Whatever it is, the change has been brilliant. He’s still as forward as ever and a quirky bugger, but we’re making good progress. I jumped him for the first time in a while last night, and though the second you put a jump up he knows what’s going on, he was calm and level headed and I was very proud.  (See above image)
I know I would have regretted giving him up, even if only for a year, and though we may have our disagreements under saddle he’s going to be very special one day. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! (And a better rider)


Today we had the fields harrowed and rolled, which doesn’t sound very exciting but there’s nothing more satisfying than watching the ruts and tear marks get smushed down flat. It looks like a football pitch its that flat and lovely. How long it’ll last however, I don’t know… I suppose when you start getting excited about a tractor dragging a roller round a bit of grass you know you spend a bit too much time around horses. Ah well, it looks ace! We’re going to be moving the fencing tomorrow to include the summer grazing whilst it is dryer, which means that I wont catch any of the ponies for roughly 3.4 months and Apple will resemble a beach ball on legs within a few hours.

The next local show is in about 10 days, followed by another one which i’m taking Apple to on the 30th May and then a couple of days later we’re off to the Amateur of the Year which is exciting, and probably will be the biggest show I have ridden at for a long tine. My main concern currently is how i’m going to get the grass and poo stains off Freddie, since it’s his favourite pastime to see how much dirt he can get on himself every day.

The downside of good weather is that I don’t tan. Never have and never will, I just end up burning and resembling a peeling tomato. Either that or I get slightly brown lower arms in the classic ‘Farmers Tan’ which I usually rock all year round.
Well, wish me luck with catching the horses, if you hear on the news of a girl run to exhaustion in a field somewhere, you know its me.

Tatty Bye!

Sidenote, my other half has asked if I’ll mention him. Ali who doesn’t overly like horses, still comes down and levels the arena for me (just an excuse to ride the quad I reckon)


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