Baked. That’s how I feel.
I have the usual classic farmers tan, and Fred is asleep stood up again. That’s how you know that the good old English weather may finally be turning into a bit of summer. I don’t handle the heat very well, but I shall not complain as anything is better than the usual overcast gloom.
The past few weeks have been mad. We did our BHS Stage 1 at college, all of us passed which was a massive relief. One more step up the horsey ladder! I have 4 assignments on the go, but as it is half term I’m not going to stress too much about that. Yet.
We’re venturing out this sunday to the Amateur of the Year Show with Fredword, fingers crossed he continues behaving himself as he has been. Do I dare take him in the snaffle? I haven’t decided yet. There’s a good chance if I do, that we will be banned from the show you see.

The ponies have started doing a few nights living out in the field, much to Chezney’s absolute disgust. He isn’t really the outdoorsy type, bless him. He’s suffering with his sweet itch at the moment the poor thing, because we are right next to a river the midges do get quite bad sometimes. Stinky stuff, deosect and fly sheets are about as much as can be done to help him. He’s not stressed, just has a tail resembling a bottle brush. Fred seems to have lost the ability to tense his lower lip, walking round with it drooping all over the show. Apple was born wild, so she much prefers living out with her pals. Speaking of Appy, she’s coming on in leaps and bounds. It just seems that nothing phases her under saddle, or out of it to be honest. Watch, now I’ve said that a crisp packet will blow under her nose or something stupid like that and I’ll go flying. I rode her round the orchard to practice tighter turning and weaving round the trees and she was honestly, ace. (See above picture, excuse how enormous I am on her…)

As I mentioned above, I got my BHS Stage 1 the other day, along with everybody else at Carrington Equine College who sat the exam. Well done everybody! We all stressed about it far too much, didn’t give ourselves enough credit for what we could actually do. Onto Riding Road Safety and Stage 2 for me now. I’m considering going down the route of becoming an instructor, but we shall see. There’s time for me to change my mind (again) yet.

All the ponies are out in a relatively freshly rolled field, and since it’s been so wonderfully dry they haven’t torn it up with their antics yet. Ooh it does look lovely, all flat and luscious. Don’t suppose the word ‘luscious’ has ever been used to describe a field before, has it? I spend too long down at that farm I swear. We’ve fashioned a fence and gate on the end of the stretch of grass that runs alongside the grazing that we ride along to get into the woods, and it’s going to become Puzzle’s paddock I think. She is recovering from a tendon injury, very well might I add. Previously, we used electric fencing to keep her in so she could go out for some grass but wasn’t in too big a paddock to run around and do more damage. However, Puzzle wasn’t having any of this. Typical Puzzle fashion, she went flat out down the long side, and sailed over the 3ft electric tape with room to spare, before galloping down the track and out of sight, all the way to the bridge at the end and back again. Nutty mare with a knack for jumping apparently. I do feel sorry for her, having to watch everybody else go out each morning whilst she’s stuck in the orchard because it’s the only fully post and railed paddock. Anyway, the end of the grass track is now post and rail, so she can go back out there now and be alongside the others. Mia, Puzzle’s owner, is  currently sunning herself in Spain. I’m ‘wel jel’ to coin a phrase.  It is quiet at the yard without Beam, at last some peace! Only kidding Mia… (Or am I?)

Off the topic of horses for a moment, I haven’t long since started driving lessons and I can’t wait to just pass (fingers crossed) so I can take myself out and about without dragging my poor mum with me. We’re sharing a car at the moment so I can practice outside of my lessons. A little black Nissan called Betty. She’s lovely and touch wood I don’t think I’m doing too bad, though I do have a knack for panicking a little and therefor stalling it until I get re-used to driving again. Practice makes perfect I suppose! Downside is, you can be as careful and safe a driver as you like but it doesn’t stop other nutters from making the whole process harder. I am prone to worry to start with, without smart-arse bus drivers deciding it’s a good idea to completely take the mickey because of the big red “L” on the front of the car. NAH MATE. Don’t take me on, I WILL shake my head and glare at you. No joke.

Currently desperate to go to the beach, both with ponies and without. I know Fred has been before, though I don’t think he fully understands the concept of ‘water’ bless him.

Anywho, I shall be off for today, I have a 14th birthday to attend. (Happy Birthday Libby!)

Xoxo, Gossip Girl.

Just kidding, Tatty bye!



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