Ponies, Ponies, Everywhere

I have a serious problem. I’m addicted to buying horses. After our lovely little Apple went off to her new home, I said that I wouldn’t get a new project just yet to leave myself some more spare time. So I didn’t get a new one. I got two. Oops.


Our current new addition is Timbersbrook Maximus, aka Max (Pony below)
He is about a hand bigger than Apple, and a registered Section B gelding. He turned 4 in April, but mentally I would say he’s about 2 or just 3. He’s again like Apple a little shy with new people, but saying that it only took him two days to come out of his shell and start trying to eat my zips and sticking his nose in my coat hood. He really is very sweet, just immature. I’m hoping that he will mentally mature more with being out in the field with much older horses, as well as being put into work. If not, then I will change my plans slightly.


So far, so good. He seems to be a very fast learner (though I have only had him about a week we have covered a lot of ground) and is naturally curious. Like a toddler, everything he investigates has to go in his mouth, he pulled the tab off the key to the quad, almost pulled the winter spotlight off the wall and if something is hung over a stable door (it doesn’t even have to be his door) he will pull it off. Incredibly sweet though, he’s flashier than little Apple (bless her) was so could even be pulled and plaited into a little show pony.


Our second new addition, who is currently in Abersoch and will be coming home with Cass and Capella all being well, is a little Section A (another welsh what am I thinking…) called Del. She’s a little on the tubby side – mum thinks she’s in foal, I however am not that dramatic – but looks to be sweet. Apparently she hasn’t been handled much. That should be fun!

AND To top it all off, mum was talking to our new neighbor on the farm over the road about another pony named Blaze. She makes out like it’s all me, buying all these horses. I mean in fairness I did buy the other two but still.

Unfortunately, Riley (Lauren my cousin’s horse) has had to go back to his owner. An incredibly sad day, as the pair have come so brilliantly far in the past four years. Lauren now has Chezney, (AKA ‘Chey’) and will be competing him soon. Can’t wait to see them whizzing round the cross country at Wilmslow!


Looks like with going back to college as well as these newbies, I’m going to have my hands full.

Freddie is doing well, it felt like we turned a corner last week. We jumped our first little course together, with control. Well, some. I also let him go around the farm ride at a faster pace and he came back to me, albeit reluctantly but he did. The only thing I can’t get to the bottom of is his weight. He still hasn’t lost a pound! If anything, I think he has actually put weight on. Oh well, when he comes home he’s going to be going on a regimented diet to shed the extra weight. It helps neither of us that he is so big, him because it’s detrimental to his health and me because he has more weight to lean on me with!
It has taken two years for me to fully understand Fred and how his mind works. I still get frustrate because I know at times we can wind each other up, but then I take the hand-break off and try to go more with the flow and he makes an effort to listen and it is brilliant again. He is not an easy horse, I don’t think he ever will be, but I am still trying to find a way of going that works especially for him. I’m getting to the point now where I think, ‘For god’s sake, stop being so damn fussy and get on with it!’ Which is what I just might do. One thing I can’t at all wrap my head around is why he is stronger and generally more forward in an arena. I struggle to stop him doing canter work in the arena sometimes, but I have no idea why. Perhaps it is just because he isn’t at peak fitness so feels the need to motorbike around the corners to stay balanced. I don’t know, it’s definitely hard trying to work it all out, whilst actually getting a decent amount of riding done as you’ll end up spending half your time pansying around. To be fair to Freddie, the last night when I rode him he hadn’t been ridden for a few days and also was in a new arena, so he’s bound to be more on edge than usual. A blast around the woods is something we could both do with, I think.


I am in the mood to write a book at the moment, but not the novel I’m halfway through writing. Writers block is just great, isn’t it? It’s taken my two days just to write this tiny piece.


Tomorrow, myself and MC Beams are jetting off to Alton Towers. Bizarrely, I get queasy with heights but there’s something about rollercoasters that I love. Not all of them, I wouldn’t class myself as a rollercoaster junkie but I’m partial to a few loop the loops.


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