Hello there boys and girls. Long time no see. These past couple of months have been a bit mental to say the least.

The header photograph is Max having a canter round, being photobombed by Tinkerbelle.
I’ll try and condense a long boring story as much as possible. So, Max. He’s done very well with himself, takes to new things like a duck to water. Once he’s had his ‘moment’ and given the new thing (i.e a saddle) a good looking over and the occasional chew, he seems to go ‘Oh, okay then’ and accepts it no problem. Originally he was supposed to be a short term project, but as he did so well taking to new things and was so lovely we considered keeping him, producing him over winter and I was going to show him next season. However, here’s where the big hiccup comes in, I now can’t put all the work in with him.
Again, making a long story short, I can’t have a career working with the horses. I have had problems with pain in my knees and legs for almost as long as I can remember, but it has gotten considerably worse this past 12 months. A short process later, a few meetings with a specialist and an MRI told me that I have weaknesses in my knees, and overusing teamed with this weakness means I can’t do all the work I have been. I spoke and clarified everything with my doctor and I have had to give up my job at our farm, however can remain on my college course providing I don’t overdo it. He also said so long as I am careful and listen to my body when it is saying slow down, there is no reason why I couldn’t be able to compete and ride my own horses for pleasure. So physio here I come!

This has of course thrown a spanner in the works, but I have a sort of plan in mind now. I think.


Freddie modelling his new rug. Dashing!

Freddie has also been exiled to rehab, on his physios orders, and is only currently allowed to do walking hacks. My poor sausage. He’s going to be slowly brought back up, doing walking rides out for now to so as not to put strain on his sore body by asking for bending. Eventually I can start asking for simple movements and transitions, so long as he feels okay. He’s had a good month off now, just larking about in the field and coming in when he glares at me to tell me that it’s dinner time. I have been intending to get back on him for the first time all week but alas I have been struck down with the dreaded lurgy for the second time in a month. It really doesn’t seem fair. Attempting to do a monster of an anatomy project whilst spluttering into a tissue with tears stinging my eyes is not the easiest of tasks. Can I ask, does anyone else have or know a horse that has one particular inedible object that it always tries to consume? Freddie’s ‘object’ is phones. I have no idea what it is about them, but whenever anyone gets their phone out near him, or I try and take a photo of him he will mouth at it and try to chew it if I let him. Weirdo.


This is Charlie and myself, doing my jumping assessment at college.

For a short time, after getting Max, I had a little wild section A called Tinkerbelle. Tinks had come from wales, and had (we presume) just been  a broodmare running wild for almost all 8 years of her life. She was very nervous, but would eventually come round to having a headcollar on and being touched. She’s now gone to her new home, a friend of mine up the road, where she is doing fabulously well. I simply didn’t have the time for the poor pony, and she did need a fair amount of work. It’s lovely to watch her come on, i’m sure she’ll be a lovely little pony.

Speaking of college, the difference in this year to last was very surprising. As one of my classmates put it, there’s no mucking out class any more! The majority of this year is science based (Anatomy and Physiology and Biology) which I don’t overly mind, apart from the fact I am at war with biology currently but I won’t go into further detail. Anatomy is fabulous, that sounds very nerdy doesn’t it? Eh, oh well. I’m past the point of denying what a massive geek I am. I’ve actually quite enjoyed doing this beasty assignment, it’s taken me about an hour per page and so far I’ve done 6 pages. Not quite done yet. It’s also in in two days time so I’d better get a shuffle on…

Well, that’s about it I think. 3 months condensed, not bad!

Tatty bye


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