Well, life is busy.

Today, I’m taking a time out from college work to sit down and have a head clearing session. I’ve actually had a post half written up for weeks, I just never got around to finishing or posting it. College have upped their game the last few weeks (months) and I feel like I haven’t stopped doing assignments. Which to be fair, I haven’t. I have 7 on the go at the moment, and although they aren’t due in immediately (some are, some aren’t) the work you have to do for them takes that long (basically a huge faff) you need the extra time just to get it done. I’m getting to the point now where I’m ready to leave, thankfully we’re on the home stretch now and fingers crossed by may everything will be pretty much wrapped up.

Anyway, a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone (Yes, it’s been that long!) Fred has been slowly coming back into work since late december, I’ve been in no rush with him so as not to do any damage whilst his muscles are building again. We did a lot of hacking, and actually feels better than ever. Upping his work slightly included a farm move back to where we used to be about 7/8 years ago. It can be a bit of a trek to get to in traffic, but so long as I avoid rush hour it’s alright. Being back where we used to be is ace, the farm has the best facilities without being too much the other way. Since being back and having the space to do a bit more with him, he’s coming on nicely. We’ve jumped round our first couple of courses, schooled properly for the first time and touch wood all seems well. It’s so nice being able to go round a few jumps without him bucking or carrying on, it’s amazing what a good physio and some rest can do. I haven’t pushed the jumping too much, once a week at maximum at the moment. It’s only taken two and a half years, but finally I feel like we’re getting somewhere and moving on from weirdness and some of his oddities. Of course, I think he’s always going to be quirky, but that’s what makes him Freddie.

Next weekend I’m going to feel PROPER FANCY. I’ve volunteered to have a discounted photo-shoot with Freddie to help expand a photographers portfolio. I’m rather excited, but also a bit nervous as I have a tendency to be slightly awkward when a camera is on me, but at least i’ll get some decent photos of Fred. Just have to get the hippo clean first. He has found a rather large puddle in his new field that he goes to stand in every time I turn him out, it’s almost like he’s taunting me. He also drinks out of it (walking straight past the automatic water feeder to do so.) Here’s a classic Freddie moment for you; the other day we went for a wander around the tracks on the farm for a change of scenery. We went past the big hay bales that are stacked up about 5 high. Some of which have wrapping coming loose which was blowing about almost frantically in the wind. Didn’t bat an eyelid. Continuing further, there was machinery on both sides of the path, again he wasn’t bothered. We even went down a fairly narrow track and had to paddle through some water that he of course splashed absolutely everywhere and he really wasn’t fussed. You know what he did plant his feet and have a good stare at? A man. I despair sometimes.

What do I wear for this photo-shoot? It doesn’t seem nice enough to wear my bog standard riding stuff but then I’m not going to go over the top in stilettos as I’ll just fall over or get stood on… What to do what to do?! I also need to get his show bridle clean after it has spent winter hung in my tackroom. Oops.

Also, in college just before breaking up for half term we did a small dressage competition, just between my class. It was good fun getting dressed up and it was all still very new to me, but we had a good time doing it. Header image today is me and the group after the class, I have no idea what I was doing but heyho. I won the class, much to my surprise. I was riding a nice mare called Acorn, who we even plaited up for the occasion.


Myself and Acorn, after the class. (Getting yet more assignment photos… Sigh)

On a slightly lower note, I’m very worried about my dog. Scamp isn’t very well, it’s even more concerning as he’s getting on a bit now, he turned 13 last september. Here’s a photograph of him in his christmas outfit.

scamp xmas.jpg

Isn’t he the cutest?

I’m taking him back to the vets next monday and am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for him. Keep him in your thoughts!

There’s a fun ride on this weekend organised by the local hunt as they’ve had to cancel their hunt due to the ground on their route being too wet. I am hoping to go with Mia & her pony Puzzle. It’ll be both of our first outings of the year. It should be fun! Good experience for Fred too, getting him back out with a big group of horses. That being said i’m sure before we set off I’ll be doing the usual. Panicking and wondering why i sign myself up for things. Fred will do his usual. Imitate a crab and chomp on his bit like its the worlds best carrot, all whilst snorting and arching his neck like a stallion. Quite a good, level headed pair aren’t we? Cough. Once we get going and both settle it will be a nice change of scenery. We’ll be at the back of the ride most probably as Puzzle can be a tad mareish and pull a decent face at anything within 3 feet. Rather like Mia really. (Only joking Beam)

That’s about it for now, I already feel guilty for writing this instead of doing coursework!

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