A Brief Update

Pt 1, 8.39am

What I am doing today, most horse mad girls and boys would KILL to do. I’ve been pony hunting, and today I’m going to view a horse, with the (potential) intention of buying one. The whole process of spending hours trawling through hundreds of adverts, selecting a few, speaking to the owner and possibly arranging a viewing was the most exciting thing I could imagine. On the way to go and see them, I’d be slightly nervous but mostly excited at the possibility of meeting what may be my future horse or pony. Now? Now it’s all changing. I think, because a lot of things in the past to do with the horses has not gone quite to plan, and now my poor Fred isn’t able to do what we had hoped after all the work and how far he’s come, in the back of my mind something is saying “it’s going to go wrong again..” That is taking the edge off what should really be quite exciting. Bar the horses at college – where I generally ride the same 3 – I have only really ridden Freddie as my main horse for the last 2 and a half years, because of this I’m thinking, what if I can’t ride the horse we go and see? What if because I’m so used to riding my grey beastie, I can’t ride anything else properly? Ahhh the inner turmoil. It doesn’t help that I didn’t really think I’d be doing this again. We shall see what happens.

2 days later…
Okay, update. We’ve viewed 2 horses, both lovely looking, neither suitable for a couple of reasons. We’ve got a few more that we like the look of, just need to ask the right questions now. In other news, FRED IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!!! After only thinking he’d be in horsey hospital for a few days, it ended up being two weeks. He has had both ops now, (kissing spine one and suspensories) and fingers crossed is on the road to recovery. We’ve got a fairly long road ahead of us, with a few more weeks of box rest and a lot of walking in hand (at least i’m going to be getting fitter too!) before he can start proper work/rehab, but honestly, I’ll just be happy to have him back home. It’s been weird going to the farm the past couple of weeks and his stable being empty. I’m going down tomorrow to pad the stable out with an enormous bed before he comes home, as an extra cushion whilst it’ll be his first time out of the special padded (heavy duty rubber mats on the walls and floor) vets stables. He isn’t going to be happy at being kept in, in fact I think I could potentially have a very grumpy Freddie on my hands from tomorrow.
I’d rather have a grumpy Freddie than No Freddie!

I’m just hoping he loads tomorrow, as he has a tendency to just stand at the bottom of the ramp and wait until he decides it’s a suitable time to go on board (then he’ll just happily stomp on up) and onward with his recovery we go!



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