Freddie has been home for one week and two days. In that time he’s had the vet back out four times. FOUR TIMES! He couldn’t keep those bloody bandages on longer than 2 days at a time, and each time he wrecked them the vets had to come and make sure he hadn’t damaged the stitches.
Considering he’s never been box rested a day in his life and we’re now on week 4 of box rest since all this started he’s being very patient. He hasn’t barged or pulled or become pushy and irritable at all. He got a bit bored in the last couple of days so we’ve bought some munch blocks (like a compressed block of grasses alfalfa and other plants) for him to occupy himself with, as well as giving him a treat ball to batter about the stable a bit. It keeps him happy!


Having a short graze in hand

He had the stitches in his hind legs removed yesterday which meant no more awful bandages, just some stable wraps for a few extra days. The vet said it all looks good and dry (meaning no infection) so hopefully once his back stitches come out at the end of the week its the start of the next process of getting him moving slowly but surely. Despite all the poking and prodding he’s really been a saint.


Freddie’s organised dinner and breakfast, so he doesn’t get bored!

In other news yesterday the thing I’m most fearful of with horses happened. Me and one of my pals from college had to go in to catch up on an hacking assessment we missed. (I was waiting for the vet.. Again.) I say assessment, we just had to demonstrate arm signals and then it was more like an ‘okay you’ve done it enjoy your hack.’ So anyway, off we went the two of us with our riding instructor. It was quite windy so the horses had already been a bit spooky, but nothing major. Anyway, we were riding on these tracks that are part of the Trans Pennine Trail, that go around huge crop fields. On one side of us was a ditch with a barbed wire fence and on the other was dense trees and nettles and other shrubbery. We were plodding along quite happily until we saw at the end of the track we were riding up a boy probably not much older than me with a dog and a bike. Then, with the innocent logic of a non-horsey person, he sat down in the long grass next to the ditch, holding the dog next to his bike. We got all the way up the track, when my friends horses (who was leading) spotted him and backed up a little. Before she had chance to try again, the riding instructor tried to ride past to keep us moving presumably. Her horse than span into my friends, who panicked and span backwards into my horse who span on a sixpence, that fast I didn’t even have time to react, and bolted. When I say bolted I don’t mean he cantered off, I mean he bolted. My friends horse followed, and she managed to pull up after about half the way I went. I had my full weight on him attempting to pull up but there was no chance. He was completely out of control, I had one of those moments where even though everything’s happening so fast, you process everything. As he was flying down this path which is effectively concrete with grit on top, I managed to think there was nowhere to try and turn him in a circle so worst case scenario I’d have to let him go until he got tired. Well, obviously worst case scenario would be having to bail off or him spooking and ending up slipping into the barbed wire ditch mess far too close to us for comfort.

I couldn’t help but think as we were flying along that path, if I come off at this speed it’s going to bloody hurt tomorrow!
One of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me, I won’t lie. I despise being out of control like that, it’s terrifying.

On a higher note, the weather is being very kind to us here in the UK at the moment.

Tatty Bye !


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