I warn in advance, today has been, as the title suggests, a big bag of nope. This post comes with a very minor expletive warning.

It didn’t start off like that, I woke up having got in about 9 hours sleep which never happens. Off I popped to do Freddie with a – albeit slightly tired – spring in my step.
I sorted out the general jobs about the stable and then it was time for his controlled in hand walking. That’s where the ‘nope’ begins. Fred seemed to think, since he’s had his legs operated on, it would be a good idea to jump on my head for me to carry him rather than walk. I didn’t agree, so he squeaked at me. Charming.
Finished his walking and stuck him back in his stable for the day and finally headed on home. I find myself ending up staying there for hours longer than I originally intended. Does anyone else do that? I can also hear my heartbeat in my ear in a kind of watery pulsing this afternoon which is really really annoying.

Finally got home and then hit a wall. You know those days where you just slump and can’t get the energy to do anything? Today was one of those days. Subsequently, I found myself getting more irritated than usual by the things I generally find mildly irritating. This is a post about those things. I also thought about all the things that have irritated me in the last several years. Not that I’m dramatic. Ehem. Buckle up, this may take a while.

  1. Every single time I drive anywhere I come across the latest nob who thinks he is the next Lewis Hamilton in his crappy little ford with tinted windows and he always happens to appear on my rear bumper, swerving back and forth looking to overtake me, before doing so and demonstrating how ridiculously loud his exhaust is. Well done Lewis, you got to the red light 2 seconds before I did. Now I have no quarrel with Fords (except for the fact I learnt to drive in one and hated it) and some people may say to me I can hardly judge, given that I drive a ten year old Nissan Micra called Sheila, but I don’t pretend that myself or Sheila are cool nor speedsters and I certainly wouldn’t stick a huge, obnoxiously loud exhaust ON my ten year old Nissan Micra.
  2. My petrol light came on. It glared at me for almost the entire journey. The fact is is orange offends me, because it stands out so much and just shouts “YOU LET ME GET THIS LOW SO I’M GOING TO BE ORANGE AND FURIOUS”
    I hate the petrol light.
  3. Ok this one actually happened years ago but it still annoys me and horsey people, you will understand why.
    Once my (fully qualified) PE teacher with a questionable bowl cut told me – I shit you not – that ‘Horse riding doesn’t count as exercise as all you do is sit there and the horse does all the work’ so I’d have to find another form of exercise.
    I’ve never gotten over that.
    I don’t go on passionate rants or have opinions about certain things without doing my research about the subject first. If I find out I’m wrong, I’ll apologize and correct myself. I have topics I am strong on, and ones I’m useless with. I don’t pretend that I know things about my weak topics, there’s no point. There are those people out there, who do truly believe that are the font of all knowledge about every single thing ever. Even when you can tell they’re completely talking through their arse, they wont admit they don’t have a clue. If you find yourself having the misfortune to be talking to someone who does this, a really fun game is to pretend you believe them and fire them with question after question and watch the panic set in as they try to babble their way through the Q&A.
  5. I think this is more one for parents, however I find myself having more similarities to someone middle aged every day so here goes nothing.
    People who don’t answer their phones. I have a certain amount of patience, for example if it is me messaging or ringing out of the blue. However when it comes to hours later and you aren’t sure if the person is dead or alive  receiving them, it becomes very frustrating. I’m not saying have your phone glued to your hand 24/7, but if you’re having a conversation don’t vanish, and give it a little check every so often. Your parents will thank you for it.
  6. This one is on a more serious note.
    Drivers who use country lanes & quieter roads as a racetrack. Today I witnessed two motorcyclists – this is no reflection on motorcyclists as a whole group, there are plenty who are sensible – coming down the road past my farm ridiculously fast. They don’t know that previously, we’ve had motorbikes and push bikes flip over the banking and fence into my arena, as well as a car landing on its roof and halting square on X. I believe all the drivers were okay, but all were a result of driving far too fast. The two bikers couldn’t know my arena is right next to the road, but can you imagine if any of the girls off nearby yards had been riding past at that point – as they often do. They would undoubtedly have been unable to stop, resulting in quite probably the death of themselves, the horse and a severely injured rider. If you can’t see what’s round the bend, slow down!
  7. Another serious note!
    The lack of talk about Mental Health issues. Netflix recently got people talking about mental health by releasing a series called ’13 Reasons Why’. This programme, whilst good for getting people talking, had it’s message quickly devalued by the typical ‘memeing’ of it on the internet. (Making fun of it basically.)
    I wish it were possible, just once, for us to be able to address mental health issues and the fact they are rising, without making a joke of it.
  8. The fact that I can never get comfy in bed except for when my alarm goes off in the morning.
    That’s more of a ‘right now’ irritation as I’m waiting for tea and ordered a tgi’s to cheer my drained self up and it – like the rest of my day – is taking the piss. 30 minutes more to go apparently.
  10. People who talk over you or interrupt in the middle of a sentence. This is the last one on my list for now, as I realize looking back I’ve gotten carried away again. I’m not a fan of being around very loud people. I find often, that they tend to talk completely over you and nobody else can get a word in edge ways. I find it rude and being a fairly shy introvert, exhausting. To the people who pointedly look at you and say something like ‘Carry on, I’m listening’, Thanks from me.

So, here I am in ugly sweat pants (to coin the american phrase) with my hair scraped back in a bun I can’t get to stay in place, typing angrily to myself on a saturday night. What a riot of a life I live.
For now, tatty bye!


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