Afternoon. My hair resembles a birds nest today, it’s too humid to tame it.
The dreaded vet returned a few days ago (firstly to do Puzzle & Max’s teeth, only puzzle was done…) to give Fred a checkover following the operations and the last 4 weeks of box rest.

Max decided once again that he wasn’t going to let the vet anywhere near him, no matter what she did. It must be the smell of a vet, because he’s alright (ish) for the farrier. He is a fairly dainty 13hh pony, but he managed to pull both my Mum and the vet around the stable scarily easily. He had a paste sedation before the vet arrived as we knew what he would be like, but the vet couldn’t sedate him further as he was being such a loon! That meant unfortunately he couldn’t get his teeth done, but we aren’t giving up as being a baby (and by the looks of things having never had them done before) it’s so important to have him looked at. We’ve got one more paste to try, if that fails it’ll unfortunately be a case of darting him to get him sedated as we suspect there’s something hurting him so he really needs seeing to urgently.

On to the grey beast. We feared he’d gone backwards for a while, he wasn’t moving and turning quite right so I actually dreaded the vet coming more than usual as I thought they were going to say keep him on box rest for a bit longer. He was getting very grumpy and he’s so vile to muck out having to do it twice a day and keep it clean & dry enough to not give him thrush and god knows what else was an absolute pain. FORTUNATELY that wasn’t the case. He’s finally allowed out!!!! Not in the big main field just yet, but a small paddock. At least it’s a start. He did nearly take my head off when I let him go, but can’t blame him for being overly excited at finally being let loose. (Yes I had a hat on, however if I’d have been a little further forward he’d have kicked me straight in the face so…)
I’ve never been so calm when seeing a grey roll, he looked like it was the best day of his life. Then came the bucking. Good god that horse could be a rodeo bronc the way he can move! He went on for a good few minutes, letting off all the steam of being cooped up for the last 6 weeks, I was slightly concerned he’d damage himself the way he was carrying on, but he was having far too much fun to stop.


Oh, so NOW he can engage his back end.

Well, I can only hope this is the start of a new chapter for us. We have a physio visit booked in and am just waiting to hear off the vets about doing a little more with him to start re-engaging his muscles. She did mention things like walking in hand over raised poles and doing similar types of exercise. Wonder if she knows I’m rather fond of having my head on my shoulders? Anyway, that’s pretty much all for now, it’s my lovely Nana’s 78th birthday today so a special Happy Birthday to her!


Attitude much?


My personal favourite. Maybe he saw a spider?




2 thoughts on “Bucking After Bedrest

  1. Love the bucking photos – he has some moves! My boy gets just as excited when he gets let out into a new field. Although he can’t buck as high (getting on a bit now) and he makes the funniest high pitch squealing noises. Not what you would expect from an chunky 16.2hh Irish Draught X 😉

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