I feel like doing a general chatter post today, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

Mornings like the past few make having horses (and multiple horses at that) not so fun. The heavens have opened in a mixture of proper rain and buckets of that ridiculous misty rain that seems to soak everything from nowhere. That’s bad enough, but if you have horses in England you get used to it. What ISN’T good, is when its pouring with rain and you forget your boots. On Tuesday I thought that not taking them would be a really good idea and so left them in the porch and ventured out into the quagmire.

I think I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached to be honest. So, I had to do everything in the fairly flimsy trainers (not a proper trainer either ☹.) Mucking out with daft little shoes that don’t pass your ankle isn’t something even the most country of country people enjoys. Needless to say by the time I’d finished the 3 ponies, I had more bedding and hay on my socks and in the shoes than they all had in their stables combined.
I then dropped a bucket of water on them. They aren’t waterproof.
It really wasn’t my morning. My final task was a simple one, stick water in the paddock for puzzle. I scrubbed a bucket out nice and clean, filled a contained and stuck it all in the wheelbarrow. Off I trundled through the orchard, barrow bouncing on the potholes, when I reached the arena. The gate swings back on its own so I wheeled my way through and set the barrow down to lock the gate (Freddie would have followed me through otherwise) and as if by magic, the wheelbarrow does a virtual backflip. My lovely clean bucked landed in the dirt (somehow getting a pile inside) as did the damp container. This meant both were now not only filthy, the sand and dirt was stuck to them as they were both wet. I slipped picking the container up (small person + heavy container = disaster) and consequently had pants covered in water and sand. Not the most pleasant of combinations. Puzzle wasn’t even grateful for my struggles to prevent her dehydration, she just made the job more difficult by trying to get into the arena.

This morning as usual we went up – yes the rain is still here, but I remembered the boots this time – and chucked the ponies out ready to begin the jobs. Fred had eaten half of his bed as usual and Puzzle is sulking as we’ve removed her from the main field whilst she’s in season (and frankly being a tart) and she’s had to stay in the little paddock next door to Freddie. She tried to get his attention since the other three toy-boys couldn’t get to her, but he couldn’t be less interested. He’s genuinely the easiest horse to keep, doesn’t care about field politics just takes himself off to stuff his face, doesn’t care for tarty mares or naughty youngsters like Max, just tolerates everything (unless he want’s to come in and Max is pushing his luck.)

*Before you read the next part I just thought I’d mention I do not condone playing with knives*
Today I managed to stab myself in the leg with a large ex-carving knife (now it’s a bale string cutter.) Whenever I’ve cut a bale open, I throw the knife quite hard at the other bales to try and get it to stick between the slices. Usually it either sticks or falls on the floor. Today it backflipped and tried to stick in me instead.

I followed that up by sneezing and accidentally hanging up on a quite important phone call. I’m past the point of asking what’s wrong with me now. Mum wonders why I’m scared I’ll get my car stuck in the car wash when I manage to do stupid stuff daily. Not going to put myself in the position to stick it in the wrong gear and get crushed by giant rollers.

Tomorrow I’m going to view a pony that is related to Freddie. Freddie’s dad (Frederiksminde Hazy Match) is Storm’s Grandad. Small world isn’t it? I wonder if he will be anything like him in character… Maybe not so much of a numpty would be nice. We shall see!

Oh also I’ve left college. That’s a bit daunting as I have to actually grow up now, which is no fun. I can’t say I’m sorry to have left, I’m considering including some of my frustrations in a post on here but am wondering if I might get in trouble for it. I’ve been considering it for a while, not that it would actually change things but airing irritations is a good way of moving past them. I haven’t decided yet, should I?

I’ve also had the go-ahead off the physio to start doing a bit of work with Freddie, long reining (like driving without the carriage) for the next few weeks. He took to it very well, but unfortunately the weather hasn’t been on side since and whilst I’m not a ‘fair weather rider’ I don’t fancy risking my life trying to long rein a horse that hasn’t done any work for over two months in gale force wind and sheets of rain. Plus I have yet to try him in the arena (as I know he’s going to go a bit bonkers to start with, I’ll make sure someone’s filming.)
Freddie has his strengths, like being incredibly tolerant and not being bothered about not having any tack on for a few months (and going straight back to it without a fuss in ten minutes) however concentrating when fresh and going at a slow pace in an open space isn’t one of them, without the wind! I’d hate for him to damage himself, so I’m going to wait for the weather to improve even if it prolongs the process. Hopefully by the end of the few weeks he can be stepping over ground poles and doing small bursts of trot!

On the left is me attempting to teach him the bowing stretch to get that back stretching. He is actually quite good at it, so naturally when there was a camera on him he played dump and tried to eat my hand instead. On the right is the reason I am giving ten million brownie points to physios. It’s a stretch for his hamstrings, but good god it’s hard work.

Fingers crossed this is another step forward. We also realised the other day that Freddie doesn’t have any feeling in his hind legs below the hocks. Don’t know why it took so long to click, I stupidly thought he would have no feeling in the ligament, not the whole leg.

It’s also election day today, so get out and vote!

More soon hopefully, I’ll try not to stab myself again.



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