It would seem our little heatwave is over. Back to muddy ponies & slippery yards. I seem to have inherited the ability to fall, slip or trip over most things within a 30 foot radius so when Mother Nature brings the rain, I start to fall. My new (ish?) boots seem to not be very grippy, so I have to be more concious going downhill and round corners as I’ve resembled a deer on ice more than once. 

Freddie seems to be happier since going back out in the main field, he doesn’t really care about company but he’s got 5 acres to roam and eat. He gave a lovely display of movement in the field that I know full well he will never ever do under saddle. 

Exhibit A

The only problem we were having was keeping my stupid horses IN the field. Max was stood like an elephant on a box leaning over the fence pulling it all down, Storm jumps out and low and behold, the other day we go down to find Freddie has somehow got out overnight too.  Why is it only mine? Are they punishing me? Do they plot who’s going to break what and escape when????? 

I have no idea how he did it, unless he jumped it which seemed unlikely, as there was (for once) no max-related dips in the fencing. We swapped the batteries again and they haven’t been out since. Mwahahaha. 

Fred did seem a bit stiff the other day, but that couldve been due to upping our long-reining game a bit. I introduced a couple of poles to step over and did a few short bursts of trot. I must have looked like, well god knows what! Running round a sand arena after the pony, tripping over the poles more than he did. My knees were bloody killing me after that! 

I also thought it might be cool to try Max and Storm at liberty together. Go ahead, laugh. Storm, bless his cotton socks, was a saint. Max however I’m sure is the spawn of satan. The little brown hooligan careered round, completely ignoring my attempts to slow him down, biting Storm (who was stood in the corner utterly bewildered at what was happening) every time he went past. On his own, Satansbestfriend is usually very good at liberty, one of the best I’ve worked with. I think he was showing off personally. I’d ignore him and get Storm trotting in a circle nicely and he’d come barrelling in, gallop off with a buck and a fart and take Storm with him. 

Exhibit B. Max hijacking Storm 😡

I got probably 5 worthwhile minutes, so let Storm out to try and work out Max’s issues. He proceeded to cart me round on the lunge line like he’d never done it before. I didn’t end on a bad note, but it took a bloody long time to get something positive out of it. Cheers Max 👌🏻

Look at me getting tricky with videos. If it works, this was attempting to get Max to ‘go round’ on his own and come back.  It kind of worked, at least he offered something. Won’t be attempting to get the little bugger to try and work with another horse again just yet. 
Storm excelled himself on his first hacks as well, we tried him round the woods first and the following day out on a small loop round Hale. The only thing he so much as looked twice at was the first time over the motorway bridge. He didn’t hesitate, just was a bit upset by it. Saying that he led the whole way over, and it’s so loud! Very pleased with him, so far so good! 

I also have some better news, I have been given a slot writing for a new online magazine ‘Everything Horse Cheshire’. Hopefully it’s the first step on the ladder! You never know 🤞🏻

That’s all for now, on our way to pick up Mia who passed her driving test yesterday. Well done beam! 

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