The Ponies Stories

Lough Melvin Match. AKA, Freddie. (The Hippo)
Freddie is a registered connemara gelding and was born and bred in Ireland. H went through the Clifden Connemara Pony sales as either a weanling or a yearling, I’m not sure which. He’s hunted about 4 full seasons both over there and here, before I bought him. That has made it much harder to get his head back down to earth but we’re getting there, slowly. On the ground, he’s anyones horse. He has the kindest, most gentle nature you could ask for, and his favourite thing is rubbing the insides of his ears. He dislikes being ridden bareback (something we have yet to try again as he just throws me off… cheers Fred), and point blank refuses to go within 3 feet of parked cars out hacking. (Don’t even get me started on the manhole covers…)

He is a whole hand bigger than he should be, at 15.2hh he towers over a lot of Connemara ponies. The clue is in the name Fred, PONIES.

He’s a good lad really, will go in the field with anything and is never any trouble to be caught, but he does have his opinions and you can’t ever sway them. Like for example, if he’s done one or two nights staying out in the field he believes that is quite enough and will plant his feet in his stable and nothing you can say or do will move that horse. I think I’ve made him soft… Freddie is the most talkative horse i’ve ever met, with his language ranging from a rhinoceros sounding blow through the nose to a (really rather pathetic) squeak when he’s excited.

Kildromin Bolt. AKA Storm (The Youngster) 

Storm is a 14.2 Class 1 Connemara gelding. We stumbled upon him in June 2017, I wasn’t looking for a youngster or a project but I fell in love with him from the moment we stepped onto the yard.

He is incredibly sensible for his age, so far nothing has been too challenging for him. He’s pretty laid back about life and at the moment is Max’s partner in crime.

Timbersbrook Maximus AKA Max (ASBO Max)

What can I say about our little Max… He is a 13hh Welsh Section B with a mind of his own. He’s incredibly funny, a real mischief maker and keeps us all entertained. He rides really nicely, given his attitude on the ground! He’s not nasty, just imagine a puppy on speed in a small ponies body.

Apple (The Bombproof One) 

Apple is the perfect childs pony. She’s perfectly happy to plod around with the smallest of children and stand for a fuss. She’s a very small 12hh Dartmoor pony, cute as a button. She hasn’t had the easiest of lives so far, but she’s now on loan to two little girls just up the road from us.